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The Benefit of Bespoke Office Furniture

The benefits of bespoke office furniture are enormous, many people agree that it can make so much difference to your office environment, both in style and comfort.

Bespoke office furniture is the perfect way to inject your branding and personality into your working environment, compared to mass-produced alternate options.

It sends a strong message to your prospective and current clients, especially if you include branding. The extra touches can make all the difference in terms of standing out and making a good first impression.

Office Furniture Installation Companies

Office furniture installation companies are all made to order, creating a unique feel to your office.

Finding the right furniture to fit in your office can be a challenge, especially if you have awkward walls and ceiling sizes. Bespoke office furniture takes all the stress away with made-to-measure options that will last a lifetime and provide good quality storage.

Office furniture installation companies take time to understand your needs, choose from a range of materials and colours, having creative ownership every step of the way.  You might choose to have a few key pieces or have more neutral designs throughout. Choose from many types of bespoke office furniture including desks, storage drawers and office chairs.


Bespoke Office Furniture

CCTV Installation or Video Doorbells?

With the influx of new video doorbells on the market, many are questioning if they are set to replace traditional hard-wired CCTV systems. They are seen to be grouped together as having the same function, but in fact, they have specific differences, and a video doorbell won’t provide the same level of security that comes with a CCTV Installation.

WIFI Reliance Makes Hard Wired CCTV better

While CCTV systems are hard-wired, meaning that if your home or business has power, your system remains operational with no reliance on WIFI. However, video doorbells such as Ring and NEST are powered by WIFI, so if the connection is lost for any reason so will your live feed. This could be disastrous if it’s time you needed to refer to CCTV such as if a break-in happened.

It has been reported that over 4.7 people in Britain have suffered a broadband outage lasting over 3 hours. This illustrated the strong unreliability of WIFI video doorbells, so especially if the WIFI signal Is very unreliable at your home or workplace, that will be reflected in your stream.

CCTV System Security

CCTV camera installations are continually updated to use the latest technology to offer complete system security protection. On the other hand, video doorbells are still in the early stages and are vulnerable to hacking or jamming attempts making it not 100% secure.

So, although there is a strong market for video doorbells currently, the market for traditional CCTV installations is still very much thriving too. For high-security operations where you need 100% reliability, a CCTV system that is wired on-site is the best available option.


CCTV installation

Walk-in Freezer Rooms

What is the difference between a walk-in cold room and a walk-in freezer room?

In short, one is much colder than the other.

Walk-in Cold Rooms

Walk-in cold rooms will operate in one of two temperature zones. The first option is when they operate between 2 -12 degrees. In industry terms, this is often referred to as walk-in chiller rooms as they are used to store consumable goods that are rotated every few days.

The second temperature zone operates between -2 and 5 degrees. This is generally used for products that are used in a few days to a few weeks. Storing at a colder temperature is better to preserve items that quickly go out of date. Keeping just below freezing is the optimum temperature for a lot of food products to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible. You can get walk-in cold rooms to operate in both zones.

Walk-in Freezers

Walk-in freezers look identical to walk-in cold rooms; however, they have a much lower temperature. Walk-in freezer rooms usually have a temperature range of -18 degrees to -22 degrees. These temperatures are classed as ‘deep freezing’ and can keep products preserved for months or even years in some cases, to boost stock longevity.


Walk-in Freezer Rooms

Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract between an employer and employee which settles claims that the employee may have against their employer.

Settlement agreements are typically given to employees if they are being made redundant or are given money in return for certain conditions, such as not bringing a claim against their employer. Ideally, problems get resolved through talking or formal procedures but when an agreement still cannot be reached a settlement agreement can be used to end the relationship between employer and employee. They can also be used to settle disputes mid-contract.

Many settlement agreements may also include a reference for the employee, a reference could help the employee find a new job faster, reducing the stress and financial impact of their departure from a company.

An employer should give an employee enough time to consider a settlement agreement, usually a minimum of ten calendar days. An employer should be clear about the reasons behind the proposal and be prepared to meet and answer any questions from the employee. An employer should be sensitive about issues discussed with the employee with the main aim of being reaching a mutual agreement.

When deciding on how much money to offer for a settlement agreement an employer should consider the potential cost of resolving the issue without a settlement agreement.

The tax rules on a settlement agreement are complex and should be checked by an accountant or financial advisor, generally, compensation paid under a settlement agreement can often be made free of tax and national insurance up to the value of £30,000.

Settlement Agreement

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Fitted Wardrobes for your home

When planning on installing fitted wardrobes into your home,  it is often a big decision to ensure you get the best out of the space and design you choose. Fitted wardrobes/bespoke sliding wardrobes offer fantastic design and functionality as well as fully maximising on the space you have available.

What style of fitted wardrobe should I go for?

There are a huge choice of designs, colours, finishes and internal space configurations to choose from with fitted wardrobes, so make sure you think about how you want them to fit into your day to day life.

sliding doors wardrobe

How to choose the perfect fitted wardrobe for you!

When making the final decision on what type of wardrobes to go for we would recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

 What items of clothing and footwear will I be storing in the wardrobe?

 What floor space do you have available?

 What style of fitted wardrobe are you looking for? Contemporary/traditional?

 What is your budget?