With the influx of new video doorbells on the market, many are questioning if they are set to replace traditional hard-wired CCTV systems. They are seen to be grouped together as having the same function, but in fact, they have specific differences, and a video doorbell won’t provide the same level of security that comes with a CCTV Installation.

WIFI Reliance Makes Hard Wired CCTV better

While CCTV systems are hard-wired, meaning that if your home or business has power, your system remains operational with no reliance on WIFI. However, video doorbells such as Ring and NEST are powered by WIFI, so if the connection is lost for any reason so will your live feed. This could be disastrous if it’s time you needed to refer to CCTV such as if a break-in happened.

It has been reported that over 4.7 people in Britain have suffered a broadband outage lasting over 3 hours. This illustrated the strong unreliability of WIFI video doorbells, so especially if the WIFI signal Is very unreliable at your home or workplace, that will be reflected in your stream.

CCTV System Security

CCTV camera installations are continually updated to use the latest technology to offer complete system security protection. On the other hand, video doorbells are still in the early stages and are vulnerable to hacking or jamming attempts making it not 100% secure.

So, although there is a strong market for video doorbells currently, the market for traditional CCTV installations is still very much thriving too. For high-security operations where you need 100% reliability, a CCTV system that is wired on-site is the best available option.


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